Options to Postpone Repayment

If you are unable to pay due to returning to school or experiencing hardship, a repayment option may be available. Additional eligibility criteria and requirements may apply. To determine if you qualify, please call.

  • Return-to-School Deferment - If you are enrolled at least half time status at a Title IV educational institution in a four year program or graduate program of study or higher.

  • Financial Hardship Forbearance - If you are active military or experiencing unexpected financial hardship, which may include but is not limited to: illness, permanent or temporary job loss or reduction in monthly income, or incurred substantial medical or legal bills.

  • Natural Disaster Forbearance - If your ZIP code of residence is declared as an Individual Assistance zone by FEMA due to a natural disaster.

Important Information - All Repayment Options are approved at the discretion of Figure or MOHELA. An approval or denial notification will be provided by MOHELA.